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Grazing in the Grass
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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Goldilocks Part 1

We all remember the Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears ..... 
For the purpose of this blog, a new tale of Goldilocks and the Three Pillows!
For all the traveling I have done over the last decade, I know that I stayed in places that I wished I had brought my own pillow, but, since I usually overpack, my pillow stayed on my bed....So, I dealt with it, no big deal, right?

Unfortunately, not all our guests feel the same way .... Do you have pillows that aren't as hard, or too soft? I try to mix the pillows up on each bed, to give the guests a choice. Why? Because, we all like choices. However, I do occasionally find myself switching out pillows for our guests. I realize that everyone's comfort is different, so we do try and be as accommodating as possible.

Solution? If you truly love the pillow you sleep with ---- Bring it with you!
We promise not to be offended ---- We just want you to be comfortable.

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