Grazing in the Grass

Grazing in the Grass
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Friday, January 29, 2021

 So much time has passed since my last blog ---- 2020 happened! 

The Covid pandemic did cause us to close for almost four months and with all the wedding venues closed in the area, business was slow. Then the CVZ fire caused the evacuation of the entire San Lorenzo Valley. It was interesting to go from a large home to a hotel room. Needless to say Murphy didn't quite understand why she was unable to go outside and lay on the grass! Her first elevator ride was almost her last, she didn't like it one single bit. There were so many fellow Valley people staying at the hotel, it was nice to know we weren't alone...When we were allowed to return after 12+ days, it was an emotional drive home. Entering through Scotts Valley, banners and signs welcomed us back --- it then became a tearful drive the next few miles. With all the power outages the Valley experiences, it was nice to know we had power to come home to and no loss of refrigeration! 

No amount of words can express our gratitude to the Volunteer Firefighters of Ben Lomond who held the line and made sure the fire did not go any further. SLV strong is the new mantra